Data Scientist: Mandy – The Intelligent Companion

Data Scientist: Mandy – The Intelligent Companion

Introduction – The Intelligent Companion

Chemistry is everywhere and companies transform raw materials into final products by understanding the chemistry and physical properties of those raw materials. Final products are sold at the stores and those contain chemistry that can work for us or against us. Thus, It is remarkable to understand about the ingredients and the chemistry that manufactured products contain to manage and consume them more safely.

Chemical compounds exist in different phases at specific temperatures and pressures in determined environments. Thus, people are more interested in learning about the right handling of a product that contain a chemical compound. For example: detergents contain a mixture of chemicals that could be transformed into other harmful chemicals when they are mixed or stored under stressful environments. As a housewife, it would a savvy decision to ask Mandy about some of the chemical compounds that are stored at home. Lotions, creams, makeup and many other products that are bought daily also contain chemicals that you might be interested in knowing about before purchasing any of those.

Mandy relies on technology that helps to identify whether a user wants to mix, store or search more information about a chemical compound. PubChem is also integrated and it is the world’s largest collection of freely accessible chemical information providing around 100 million records of chemical compounds. Finally, the reliable data obtained from PubChem is complemented with practical information obtained from the YouTube platform. A final text summary and audio transcription is released and sent to the user’s email.

The application is divided into three different sections where you can integrate new programming code to make Mandy more powerful and useful for potential users. As you will notice, the application contains functions that are directly related to each of these three technologies so that it will be easy for your to identify where you can insert new code or modify the existing one.

The sections are mentioned in the order in which the application works and these actions start after receiving a question or comment from the user:

  • Technology Implementation
  • PubChem API Implementation
  • Youtube Audio Transcription Implementation

In these mentioned sections you will be able to know how to implement the programming code in python to train your Robot using The intention is that you start using artificial intelligence technologies to automate procedures and execute more precise and relevant actions. This will allow you to streamline your activities and be more effective in achieving your established goals.

We recommend you enter each of the sections to learn the step by step of the use and implementation of technology.

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