Data Scientist: 4 Python Paradigms

Data Scientist: 4 Python Paradigms

In this article you will learn about the four different programming paradigms that you can implement in python. Those paradigms are the imperative, procedural, functional and object-oriented paradigms. It is important to recognize that when we are talking about paradigms we are identifying the programming styles that can be implemented in python. This means that as a programmer, know about the different paradigms and have a better overview of when to implement these or a mixture of several so that your programming code is much more efficient, elegant and easy to understand for other programmers.

The imperative paradigm is characterized by having a sequence of commands that you can give to your programming code in such a way that the commands are executed consecutively to obtain the desired functionality. Normally this paradigm involves orders that are entered in your programming notebook to obtain a desired functionality. What is executed at the time at the moment, so it is not advisable to use this type of paradigms in complex functionalities or complicated procedures. These can result in you having to declare many variables or have more programming code than you need to obtain defined functionality. This paradigm also involves code or functions in your programming code. You can start to include your routine its functions that are part of code libraries which can be easily called from any point of your code which as a result that you modulate your code for a better functionality and structure of your applications.

The functional paradigm allows you to execute code in one or several lines in such a way that different commands are executed as is the implementation of lambda in the python programming language. If you remember to include lambda in your programming code it means that you have a function that will perform different calculations and operations if you have to declare functions or procedures as would be the case of a function normally declared in some other part of your code. Remember that the lambda function is an anonymous function and as such has certain advantages when it comes to including functionality in the same line of code.

The object-oriented paradigm is widely used in python to define procedures in a better way where blocks of programming code have specific functionality and can be called from different programming points. The particularity of this type of paradigm is that you have classes and objects in which you can store data and manipulate different types of invariants, thus obtaining an important tool that allows you to obtain more complex functionality in your programming code.

So once you know the different programming paradigms in python and you will then ask what are the correct paradigms that you must implement in your applications. The answer depends on the functionality and style that you need to implement in your programming code. That means that for example if you are going to make a small program where you only have to process some variables, it is very likely that the imperative paradigm is the one you have to use without having to resort to classes and objects where you have to use more variables the code that would be more between implementation parts and the programming code that you are going to implement is more complex and requires having a defined structure that allows data to be stored and used in consecutively and frequently, it would be advisable to use a combination of the object-oriented paradigm with the procedural paradigm. This can be deduced depending on how complex or how small you want your programming code to be and according to the knowledge that have to convert a functionality into code.

The paradigms that you select will be based on the adequate implementation of programming code along with the functionality that you want to obtain, this will take you to obtain code that is easier to understand, more efficient to execute and better structured in terms of the order and sequence in which then procedures This is one of the countries articles that we will present to you about some of the qualities that you must have as a data scientist and one of the main skills that you would be implementing in a job like this.